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Do not deduct customer steel coil is the basic quality of floor bearing plate processing factory - Yuantai Derun

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In the floor bearing plate industry, some customers are required to contract labor and materials, and some customers will also choose to process with supplied materials, both of which are available to Yuantai Derun.

For customers who process with supplied materials, the most worry is the loss of materials. In the industry, I often hear customers complain: "Some floor bearing plate manufacturers' processing fees are very cheap, but the floor bearing plate processing factory can make up for it by slightly deducting a little steel coil."

There are also customers who have such doubts: "When feeding and processing floor bearing plates, the steel sheets I ordered are clearly enough. Why is it still poor at the end?"

Yesterday, we finished a project of processing YXB42-215-645 closed-end floor bearing plate with supplied materials. When checking the materials, the other party raised a question and said, "I should still have three or four hundred kilograms left after calculation. How can you report me 1496kg left?"?


I asked her if the number of floor bearing plates delivered on site was enough? She said that what was provided according to the list had been laid, and there was no response at the scene.

I said no less. According to the adjustment, the balance is about 350kg, but the actual balance in our workshop is 1496kg. There may be two reasons why the balance is more than the adjustment:

(1) This material has a little tolerance, and the actual number of meters is more than the adjustment;

(2) We don't waste the remaining material tails of other papers. We have the right size. We have all made the right size for you, so that the remaining papers will be more than the adjustment.

The customer thanked her all the time, because more than one ton of materials would cost thousands of dollars more. She said excitedly, "There are not many real floor bearing plate manufacturers like You yuanTai derun."

The purpose of the factory is to earn some money, but some money should be earned, and some money should not be earned. For example, when someone comes to YuanTai derun to process the floor bearing plate, the processing fee is what we should earn, and others are not what we should earn. I always believe that it is the basic quality of the floor bearing plate processing factory not to deduct the customer's steel coil.

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